Friday, March 21, 2014

Principal's Message

Soar at Mohr

A message from Mrs. Berglin:

The Henry P. Mohr Elementary staff uses Innovative Learning practices to best meet the needs of our diverse student population. In order to compete in a globally diverse and dynamic environment, students require 21st century skills to adapt, grow, and change with the demands of the world around us. Mohr teachers employ a variety of strategies and practices to further enrich the educational needs of all students. These strategies include teaching metacognitive skills, embracing professional development, and equipping students with 21st century readiness. 

In this blog we celebrate our continual process towards helping students learn and develop new skills for integrating technology and learning. 

Over the last few years, teachers at Mohr Elementary have focused on how to help address the needs of 21st century learners. How do we develop a classroom that equips students to thrive in the future? As educators, how do we advance into this 21st century world and enable our students to succeed when we ourselves are on a fast paced learning curve playing catch up? Our students- digital natives- continually become more fluent in the language of computer, the Internet, social networking, video production, programming and gaming. Our role is to provide opportunities for them to utilize and integrate these skills with their standards based knowledge, and the critical thinking, collaboration, innovation, and media skills of the future.